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A tool designed to prevent unauthorized usage of a Mac computer
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11 June 2010

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Gone are the days when private files and folders were locked up inside office cupboards and safes and were accessed only with the permission of the head or sneaked out by malevolent people illegally. Presently, all official information and databases are protected on the computer networks accessible by selective ids that usually belong to senior officials. Several It companies have forayed into making of computer systems and related machinery, out of which Apple Inc.’s Macintosh or Mac has fairly gained popularity in terms of its enhanced usage and features. Several brands provide certain security tools that are integrated within the system functionality out of which LoginTrap 1.2 for Mac stands out in terms of protective features and unique unauthorized login identification facility.

LoginTrap 1.2 upon launch opens with a compact and neat looking screen with main options placed at the bottom pane and also captures the unauthorized logger through a sneak camera and also displays the number of successful and failed logins that gives an idea to the user in terms of number of users who tried to login to the PC. It effectively monitors the login events and detects the person trying to access the system with the help of iSight camera. If in case the person is an unauthorized logger, an alarm e-mail is set off with the snapshot of the person enclosed and is immediately sent to the main user. This application can be immensely constructive to Mac users that not only protect any official or personal data stored on the PC, but also helps in tracking the thief in case he/she manages to break in.

To sum up, LoginTrap comes across as a highly innovative and practical utility that provides useful tools for Mac users to prevent any security breach on their PC and hence scores a rating of four and half points for its impressive feature set.

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a tool designed to prevent unauthorized usage of a Mac computer. ProteMac LoginTrap monitors all login events and detects whether a login attempt was successful or failed. After a login attempt was made, the program captures an image from the iSight camera, so that you are able to see who is trying to break into your Mac. An alarm e-mail with iSight camera snapshot attached is sent immediately after a login attempt.
ProteMac LoginTrap is highly recommended to all privacy-concerned Mac users. The application prevents both material theft of Mac machines and virtual theft of personal data, as well as helps to track down a thief if a Mac laptop or desktop has been stolen. In many cases installing ProteMac LoginTrap is enough to improve and ensure physical security of your property and to prevent unwanted access to your personal information and data. The program is a good alternative to various safety devices (USB and computer locks, fingerprint readers, etc) that physically prevent theft and block unauthorized access to computer data.
Version 1.2
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